Clear Bra (PPF)

Our vehicle's paint job is incredibly durable, but also very delicate. For instance, clear coat rarely stands a chance against rock chips, hitting bugs at high speeds, swirls, scratches and door dings.

Fortunately, modern technology has allowed us to protect our paint job better than ever before.

Think phone screens. One small drop could be the end of your phone. For this reason, we install screen protectors to protect our phones. Clear bra is essentially the same thing.

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or PPF is a clear film that can be installed on any area of your vehicle that is prone to damage from impact and wear and tear. While typically clear bra is installed on the front end of your vehicle, we can install the film on any area of your car that is prone to damage, even your entire exterior! If installed correctly, clear bra is invisible to the naked eye and even adds gloss and depth.

We offer Xpel, Suntek, Opti-Coat PPF and Llumar films. These brands are known for performance and durability and each carries a strong warranty.

Ceramic coatings can also be applied to paint protection film to promote easier cleaning and extend the life of your film.